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FDA Clears a New Latex Condom with the Technology

to Significantly Ease and Improve the Application of Condoms


Patented O-Ring Condoms Take Aim at the 30% Failure Rate of Condoms to be Correctly Applied Right Side Down


Los Angeles, June 7, 2016.  O-Ring Products LLC announced today that it has received FDA clearance for its patented O-Ring Condom®.  Studies at Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute have demonstrated that at least 30% of the time condoms are initially applied upside down, causing a series of potential risks and unwanted events including user disruption, feelings of frustration or embarrassment, physical discomfort, loss of erection, increased risks of STIs and unintended pregnancies.  O-Ring Condom solves this problem by introducing a patented luminescent ring on the latex that can be easily seen when the consumer opens the wrapper, indicating simply which way to apply the condom so it can be applied correctly in the light or dark.


Regulatory agencies and health officials around the world recognize that one of the major obstacles to correct condom use is the fact that condoms are often applied “backwards” or upside down.  FDA directions for condom use state, “If the condom does not unroll easily, it may be on backwards, damaged or too old.  Throw it away and start over with a new condom.”  While experts agree that a misapplied condom should be discarded, too often the condoms are flipped over and used anyway, increasing the risk of STI transmission and unintended pregnancies from the pre-ejaculate that may have touched the outside tip.  Users who become frustrated via misapplication are less likely to use condoms consistently.


Professor William L. Yarber of the Kinsey Institute Condom Research Team states, “our research indicates that up to one third of the time condoms are applied upside down, and then flipped over.” Yarber continues, “flipping condoms is a real risk factor for the transmission of HIV and other STIs. The Condom Research Team is currently investigating possible solutions to this problem including the use of the technology currently employed in O-RING Condoms.”


O-Ring condoms are effective precisely because of their simplicity: any condom user can easily understand and accept this intuitive adaptation.  The O-Ring solution transcends nationalities, cultures, and languages and offers a truly universal solution to increase condom safety, acceptability and efficacy. 


O-Ring Products LLC has received 19 related patents for O-RING Condom covering 34 countries, including Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, South Korea, The United States and The European Union. O-RING Products' officials are in the very early stages of discussions with manufacturers and distributors in order to form synergistic business partnerships around the world.



About O-Ring Products LLC


William Thomas Mistler is the founder of O-RING Products LLC and is the inventor of O-RING Condom. His professional background includes experience in business, engineering, and education. Adam Glickman is a partner of O-Ring Products LLC.  He is the 

founder of America’s first condom store Condomania and has three decades of experience in the condom industry.